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Our Story

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BEERtasters launched in Perth, Western Australia, in October 2009, with a simple goal to share the passion I had for all the things good beer can be. That passion runs strong to this day, and the growth of Australia’s craft-brewing industry has put beer’s many styles, moods and food-pairing opportunities in closer reach. But where do you start?

That’s where BEERtasters comes in. We have a range of tasting options for whatever occasion, event or gathering you have in mind, and can customise beer and food line-ups to cater for particular style preferences, dietary requirements, or various levels of beer snobbery! Education and entertainment is what we’re all about; celebrating the marvellous egalitarianism and myriad aromas, and flavours, the vast beer spectrum offers. Please check our Tastings page for more details, but don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you have an idea that’s totally unique.

I have worked in and around beer for the past 18 years, starting this journey as a freelance beer writer for a number of Perth and East Coast based publications (head to for evidence of that). There have been periods craft beer sales in retail and wholesale environments, including my current day-job as manager of a craft-focussed liquor store in Bull Creek. BEERtasters has been an outlet for acquired knowledge and endless enthusiasm, and I look forward to sharing that - and some amazing aromas and flavours - with you soon!

Cheers & Good Beers!

Anthony Williams

I’ve been attending the BEERtasters events for years now and will continue to go for years to come. Anthony and the rest of the team have a great knowledge of local and international beers, and an amazing ability to get hold of some rare and interesting beers for the events. Pair all that with the generous serves and great food and you’ve got yourself one hell of an evening!
— John Hamill, BEERtaster